Don't Read Too Much Into Jenna's Braille Book On Pretty Little Liars

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There was a lot to unpack in "Playtime," the season 7b premiere of Pretty Little Liars and the first of the show's final 10 episodes. Now that the series is coming to a close, fans are more determined than ever to find clues to the mysterious A.D.'s identity. Some fans have gone so far as to analyze the book of Braille that A.D. gave Jenna (Tammin Sursok). The elusive villain seemingly gave one of the Liars' most ruthless enemies a step-by-step guide to their "endgame" plan, but what exactly did the book say? Since most of us aren't fluent in Braille, we have to rely on the internet for deciphering. Hilariously, the only thing you'll learn from this book is about... water vapor.
Huh? Well, according to Cosmopolitan, the words that Braille expert Rose Angelocci, PhD, could make out had nothing to do with A.D.'s nefarious plans for the five Liars. Instead, Angelocci was able to decipher words and phrases like "water vapor drop dempens" and "Solomon and others." Basically, nonsense.
Or, is it? A clever fan on Reddit, ShyCassy, did a search and learned that the Pretty Little Liars prop department actually pulled these words from somewhere — specifically, an article in journal Science News, which is available online on the site High Beam. The title of that article? Water Vapor Drop Dampens Temps." It was reportedly written in 2010 by a person named Sid Perkins, who is (probably) not A.D.
While this Pretty Little Liars clue didn't pan out (so please, don't spend any more hours translating this page) it's not the only show that has fans scrambling to decipher Braille text. On The OA, fans noticed that symbols in the FBI office seemingly spelled out "Rachel" in Braille — aka the name one of the characters kidnapped alongside Prairie (Brit Marling). Marling herself stated that this clue was purposefully planted by the producers, so fingers crossed it's one that pans out in season 2.
This PLL prop may have been bogus, but you can't blame fans for trying to uncover one of the show's many secrets. With a mere nine episodes left of the Freeform series, every clue seems to matter... except, well, when it doesn't.

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