This Snapchat User Hilariously Recorded People Trying To Enter A Closed Chipotle

Photo: Courtesy of Chipotle.
Have you ever planned your day around a specific meal only to realize that said restaurant is actually closed? We've definitely been in this position on numerous occasions. And having to rearrange those delicious plans can be momentarily crushing. Recently, a Snapchat user named Ben Goodman observed not one, not two, not even three, but over 20 people experience this disappointment in a single sitting.
According to FoodBeast, on Easter Sunday, Goodman spent the afternoon sitting outside near a closed Chipotle location somewhere in Pennsylvania, and even though it was a holiday, tons of people showed up for burritos. Ben noticed the pattern and decided to document it on Snapchat. He recorded several groups of people approaching the location. Many of them simply hung their heads when they noticed the store was dark. However, others were persistent and tried to yank the door open. The most relatable reactions came from a group of three guys. Upon seeing the store was closed, one bent over in despair and another thew his hands up in defeat.
The Snapchat user was sure to include what number each visitor was in the long line of attempts, and he even added some amusing commentary like, "15... nice hustle, buddy!" Though we think he could have been a little more sensitive to the fact that these people's lunch plans were ruined, we're still glad he chronicled the afternoon and shared it on social media. And, as sad as all these people look to not get their Chipotle fix, even we have to admit that watching their reactions is actually pretty entertaining. Besides, we're guessing they were probably able to return for their burritos fix as soon as the very next day.

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