Netflix's Next Great Murder Mystery The Keepers Gets Its First Trailer

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
If you're looking for your new Netflix obsession, look no further than The Keepers, a murder mystery that dares to ask the question, "Who killed Sister Cathy?"
Like Making A Murderer before it, this docu-series, which is produced by those behind that aforementioned series, deals with an unsolved murder that has rocked a community. With The Keepers it's the mysterious murder of a 26-year-old nun in Baltimore, Maryland. Netflix has finally released the first trailer for The Keepers, premiering May 19, and it's clear, a lot of us are going to be busy that weekend.
The short clip begins by giving us some background on the "quintessentially Catholic city," letting us know it's a place where the priests are in charge, but it's not devoid of corruption. It sets the scene for a city that is not without its secrets, one of which is what happened to Sister Cathy.
The nun, who the documentary says "exemplified this spirit of compassion and kindness," was murdered in 1969, but her death still haunts this city. It's why former students and those who knew Sister Cathy are still looking for answers all these years later. The question is, will they find them?
The trailer posits some possibilities of what could have happened. Did Sister Cathy know something about the local high school where she worked and threaten to speak out about it? The scene of a woman saying she could "testify that over a hundred victims have been abused," hints at what the scandal could have been.
The clip also asks whether the local and state police were protecting the priests. It also questions whether there were those in the city who actually knew what happened. As one woman says, "My father said to my mother, 'Want to know why I drink? Because we killed a woman and we put her behind the shop."
It only took two minutes, but Netflix has already got us hooked on this seven-part series.

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