According To Social Media (You), These Are Your Favorite Luxury Brands

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In terms of determining the popularity of anything from TV shows to celebrities, social media is where it’s at — and fashion is no exception. A recent ranking from Insightpool has determined the top 10 favorite brands of social media users (aka we the people). The findings show that while we still lust after that Chanel handbag, consumers also love a good fast-fashion deal.
In order to obtain the rankings, Insightpool reviewed the social media profiles of designers over a three-month period. The marketing platform took a variety of factors into account, such as the brand’s number of followers on Instagram and Twitter, the percentage of social media conversations on fashion, and audience engagement within the fashion category.
Chanel grabbed the top spot (who can resist that chic, classic aesthetic?), followed by Louis Vuitton and Christian Siriano. Then the favorite brands start to veer a little less luxury: Puma, followed by mall standby Forever 21. Many were surprised by Siriano’s high ranking — but the most successful Project Runway alum is an innovative go-getter whose ambition has paid off in a major way.
“[Siriano] has become known as a high-fashion designer who will help dress up-and-coming stars (especially ones who don’t represent typical model sizes) for the red carpet — and has even directly reached out to actresses he’d like to dress on Twitter,” researchers explained.
In addition to being a wildly talented designer, Siriano’s strategic use of social media has undoubtedly contributed to his success — and it shows that other up-and-coming designers may be wise to follow his example.
Researchers also credit the top brands’ quality of engagement as part of their success.
“Another big reason why millennials and younger audiences have attached themselves to these brands is that many of these brands are working to flip the script on typical societal gender norms,” according to an Insightpool spokesperson. “When brands integrate hot-button issues into their marketing campaigns, young people take notice and are more likely to view the designer or brand as ‘authentic.’”
The overall results show that, although our dream items often come from high-end designers, shoppers are likely to search for deals as well — you know, so we can save enough pennies to splurge on that luxury item from Chanel or Louis Vuitton.
Rounding out the top 10 brands are Marc Jacobs, Adidas, Victoria’s Secret, H&M, and Nike. Again, a pretty solid mix.
The biggest takeaway from Insightpool’s study is that brand loyalty is crucial — and the best way companies can achieve this is by engaging with their audiences and integrating social issues into their campaigns.

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