e.l.f. Is About To Launch Something MAJOR

If you value innovation in skin care — and tend to reach for the newest, buzziest product on the shelves over the tried-and-true — you may have noticed by now that things on the cutting-edge of the industry tend to be a little lot more expensive than the basics. It almost feels like we’re paying the young, progressive scientists responsible for advancing anti-aging technology out of pocket for their work. (Wait, are we?)
This is particularly true of products that are considered novelties, like magnetic masks, which — spoiler alert! — use iron-based powder formulas that are activated by magnets. There are only a few on the market thus far, but they’ve inspired cult-like devotion in all those who’ve had the unique privilege of using a magnet to remove their face mask. You can imagine that this would be the case.
Luckily, E.l.f. is democratizing the magnetic trend with one very exciting new launch: the Beauty Shield Recharging Magnetic Mask Set. It includes a magnetic tool and an iron-based mask formula, which you slather on and leave to dry before passing the tool over your face — and removing every last bit of the mask with it.
Even the most jaded skin care enthusiasts can admit that it’s very cool to watch — but does the technology work? As board-certified dermatologist Whitney Bowe, MD, explained to us last year, “When you lift the mask off the skin using the magnet, it generates a very small, but revitalizing, electromagnetic interaction.”
According to the pros, the answer is yes: the mask is doing something. But if you’d prefer to find out firsthand, we suggest waiting until E.l.f.’s version, which will retail for $24 dollars, hits its website in the coming months. Unless you’re feeling like playing with fire — better known as your credit card — in which case, have at it.
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