Chipotle Just Hiked Up Its Prices & Burrito Lovers Aren't Happy

Photographed by Tayler Smith.
It’s been a while since we’ve heard mention of Chipotle in headlines, which was a welcome change of pace given all the news following around the chain over the past couple of years. After a nice break from trouble, however, Chipotle is getting flack once again thanks to a change it just made to prices.
Fortune recently reported that the chain has quietly raised prices in 20% of its locations. This increase was unsurprisingly met with some disappointment. Seeing as the reason for the change is simply wage and food inflation, it seems like the surge was probably somewhat unavoidable. It is notable that this increase is the chain’s first major change to prices since facing issues with food safety in 2015. But, Chipotle spokesperson Chris Arnold rightly points out that, "Even with the new prices, our pricing remains very competitive, particularly if you factor in our ingredient quality."
That fact that Chipotle is only upping costs in 440 of it’s 2,200 locations isn't keeping customers from complaining. In the days since the change, customers have taken notice and are expressing their feelings on social media.
We see both sides. Inflation is inevitable, and we want Chipotle to do everything they have to in order to get us that guac. On the other hand, we don't want anything or anyone messing with our go-to orders.

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