Amy’s Cringeworthy Veep Sex Scene Is Burned Into My Brain Forever

Photo: Justin M. Lubin/HBO.
Veep is back with its meanest streak yet after Selina Meyer lost the presidential election in historical, heartbreaking fashion. While season 6 premiere “Omaha” mostly deals with the fictional first female president’s scheme to run for the highest office once again, the episode’s standout moment actually goes to Selina’s righthand woman, Amy Brookheimer (Anna Chlumsky).
Amy is such a no-nonsense politico, she’s eaten hummus with a pen cap, because who has time for pita chips? Despite the former presidential advisor’s relentless attitude, she’s stuck running a Nevada gubernatorial election campaign for her fiancé Buddy Calhoun, a guy anyone would say “Him?” about. It’s obvious Amy is less than enthused to be stuck in a Western desert state, rather than anywhere near her previous seat of power in Washington D.C.
We get a clear picture of just how unhappy Amy is with a sex scene I will never be able to scrub from my memories.
In the middle of sex, a tank top-wearing Buddy attempts dirty talk. Amy is so not into any of this, she’s still wearing her shirt, and, presumably, her bra. When Buddy asks if his fiancée “likes that” all she can muster up is a “that’s good,” like she’s approving the amount of carnitas in a Chipotle burrito bowl. Finally, Amy asks what’s going on, because this clearly isn’t the couple’s traditional hookup or even one she’s comfortable with.
“I want you to talk dirty. You know… Like how you do at work,” Buddy urges his insult-loving lady. “Tell me you’d rather take it up the ass than attend another meeting at the Board of Regulators. Except with no regulators, okay?” Amy attempts to follow Buddy’s script for about a fraction of a second before she’s bashing his sexual fantasy…and accidentally playing right into it. “This is stupid,” she says without irony. “I am not some teased-hair casino cooze who will let you jizz all over her face with a handful of chips.”
As Buddy finally gets into the action with Amy’s incidental dirty talk, she immediately segues into bashing the Board of Regulators and their “antiquated” policies, doing the exact thing her man didn’t want. Consider the mood’s time of death to be 7:21 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.
Although the entire scene is played for laughs, it’s uncomfortable to watch a woman eye roll her way through a sexual situation she’s so desperately uninterested in. Amy doesn’t want to be in that bed — or that state — so it’s difficult to watch her try to placate someone she's so incompatible with. It’s equally hard to see Buddy’s sexual desires ignored to the point where he sheepishly asks his fiancée, “Can I finish?” Her response is, “I’m not your mother.”
After watching this sex scene, we’re pretty sure Amy shouldn’t be his partner either.

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