Say Goodbye To Pizza Rat, Churro Rats Are Your Favorite New Viral Rodent

Photo: Getty Images.
Last year, Pizza Rat dragged his slice right into hearts everywhere, becoming a viral meme that led to things like Taco Squirrel and Pizza Possum. But forget about those rodents, because the latest knock-down, drag-out subway food battle has arrived and it's adding a little sugar and spice.
Foodbeast reports that a very observant subway rider captured a particularly grisly scene between two rats. Planet Earth II it is not, but thanks to some really great Spanish guitar and an epic battle over a churro, the clip is like something out of a Lucha Libre wrestling match.
In the clip, you can see the two furry rodents facing off with an entire churro between them. It may not be as impressive as an entire New York slice, but the confectionary conflict isn't a tale of determination, it's all about coming out on top and taking home the trophy.
The two rats scramble around the train tracks, jumping from one level to another in what looks to be an epic battle sequence that's out of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, only there are no swords and spears. Instead, they're pulling at the churro and bounding under tracks and onto different platforms. Thanks to some great music, it really does have a documentary feel, though we wouldn't mind a voiceover from Sir David Attenborough — or Charo.
In the end, the two rats have scrambled a few feet in their epic churro battle and scamper under a platform. We don't know which one got the sugary prize, but it was big enough to share if they managed to snap it in two. Either way, whichever victor claimed the prize has to drag the thing home, so there's another chance for viral celebrity. Talk about win-win.
Check out the WWE-worthy bout, below.

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