Ben Carson Got Stuck In An Elevator & It Was A Whole Thing

And we had even sort of forgotten about the adventures of Ben Carson.
On Tuesday, the Housing and Urban Development secretary got stuck in an elevator while touring an affordable housing complex in Miami, FL, according to The Miami Herald. No, we're not making this up.
The secretary was supposed to meet with former Miami Heat basketball star Alonzo Mourning at the Overtown Courtside Family Apartments. According to the Herald, Mourning now has a nonprofit called AM Affordable Housing and helped develop the housing complex with Miami's Housing Trust Group.
Their meeting was part of a tour Carson is currently doing throughout the country. Footage of the scene shows that the former sports star waited nervously outside of the elevator as Carson got rescued. According to the Herald, the secretary was stuck with Miami-Dade County public housing director Michael Liu and five other people.
Carson was eventually freed after about 20 minutes, but the bizarre incident pretty much made Twitter explode with memes and snarky commentary. For some people, it was absolute proof that karma, God, or a higher power is actually a real thing.
Others pitied Mourning, who had to hang out outside while the cabinet member was freed — and who probably felt quite guilty that Carson got stuck in the complex he helped develop.
Naturally, a bunch of Twitter users just straight-up made fun of Carson — who, according to some folks, doesn't come across as being too smart, despite being a renowned neurosurgeon and former presidential candidate.
As usual, there were a couple of users who had absolutely no chill.
Carson is obviously safe and sound now, continuing the Miami leg of his national listening tour. But if this bizarre episode can teach us anything, it's that reality really is stranger than fiction.

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