A Friends Musical Is Coming To NYC & This Is Not A Drill

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Thirteen years after we bid farewell to Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe, a Friends musical will debut this fall at the Triad Theater in (where else?) New York City. The production, aptly titled “Friends! The Musical!” will be penned by Bob and Tobly McSmith.
The pair has a stellar résumé when it comes to pop culture parodies, including off-Broadway hits “90210! The Musical!”, “Katdashian: The Musical!”, “Full House! The Musical!”, and “Bayside: The Musical!” (a Saved by the Bell parody).
Based on the song titles, it’ll references the show’s most hilarious and memorable moments. The tunes include, “The One Where We Make A Million Dollars An Episode”, “The Only Coffee Shop in New York”, “Oh. My God. It's Janice!”, “We Were On A Break” and, of course, “We'll Always Be There For You.”
(Raise your hand if you’re humming the theme song to yourself right now — we won’t judge. Make sure you're not, like, in public if you really raise your hand though.)
Like the McSmith’s other off-Broadway hits, “Friends! The Musical!” is unofficial and hasn’t been endorsed by the original creators of the beloved ‘90s sitcom. Still, that hasn’t stopped former cast members from making guest appearances for a show or two in the McSmith’s previous musical parodies — so there might be a chance that some lucky showgoers will get a surprise cameo from one or more of the Friends stars.
Advance tickets go on sale in June, so mark your calendars. Something tells us they’ll sell out in a New York minute.

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