Things Are Super Tense In This New Clip From The Next Season Of Orange Is The New Black

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
We finally have a clip from the upcoming season of Orange Is The New Black, so does that mean it's safe to say we're in the home stretch of waiting for the series to return to Netflix on June 9? Season 4 ended on a serious cliffhanger, with the inmates revolting after the death of fan favorite, Poussey Washington. The final shot showed Daya, who had gotten ahold of a gun, pointing the gun at CO Thomas Humphrey while surrounded by fellow inmates egging her on.
This is exactly where this new clip picks up. As she's trying to get up the courage to pull the trigger, we cut to Piper and Alex reminding each other to lay low and stay out of trouble.
"We see trouble, we turn around and walk the other way," Alex says. "We are out of the business." It's at that moment the two stumble upon the crowd of inmates. While they can't see Daya or the gun, they know it has to be bad news.
"Is this a real riot?" Piper wonders. "If this is a real riot do you think this is a step forward or backwards for equality?" She's clearly somewhat tempted to join, but Alex stays strong.
"I don't care," she says. "And we're getting out of here now."
Suddenly, we cut back to Daya. As the clip fades out, we hear a gunshot and a thud. Then, silence.
Could that really mean she went through with it? After all, this season is supposed to be unlike any that came before it. Season 5 happens in real time, with the episodes only spanning a time period of three days, meaning there will be no stone left unturned when it comes to telling the story of Litchfield's disintegration — or triumphant return, if things don't go to plan for the inmates.
We'll find out when the series drops on Netflix June 9. Watch the clip below!

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