Kylie Jenner Took Twitter Along On Her Late Night Chick-Fil-A Run

Photo: Julian Mackler/BFA/REX/Shutterstock.
As far as we know, Kylie Jenner is newly single — although as with any member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, we can’t be totally sure. And, most of us know going through a break-up or even being involved in a roller coaster-y relationship brings out plenty of emotions that can only be soothed by good old-fashioned comfort food. For Kylie Jenner, it looks like she’s getting comfort from Chick-fil-A. Nice choice, Ky.
Last night, Kylie sent out a series of tweets documenting her late night trip to Chick-fil-A, and her experience was all too relatable. The youngest Jenner started off by tweeting what she had ordered from the fast food chain, and we personally think she made a very good choice. Or, should we say, choices. She wrote, "I just ate 16 chic-fil-a nuggets." To get that satisfying number of nuggets, she apparently had to get back in the drive-through line because she was still hungry. The tweet immediately following the one about what she had eaten read, "I went through the drive through twice." Seriously, we've done this exact thing too many times to count.
It seems Kylie may have started to regret her decision soon after the second time through the drive-through line because she tweeted, "Ugh I don't feel good." Again, we've all be there.
This hilarious series of tweets was ended strong with a response from Kylie to a follower question about what kind of dipping sauce she eats her chicken with. She wrote, "Chic-Fil-A sauce is that even a question." This woman just gets us. We really hope the nuggets helped soothe her sorrows.
If this little Chick-fil-A expedition is any indicator of how Kylie's new E! docu-series Life Of Kylie will be, we seriously can't wait for the premiere. We want to see Jenner's everyday life, and even more importantly, her everyday meals.

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