You'll Never Guess Which Walking Dead Character Used To Be In Dawson's Creek

Photo: Gene Page/AMC.
The Walking Dead boasts an impressive cast. The actors are so good at their jobs that we can't imagine them ever being in anything else. However, before the show premiered in 2010, they had totally different roles. The most surprising? Melissa McBride. The actress who plays Carol on the AMC thriller one appeared in another show that might just be the complete opposite: Dawson's Creek starring James Van Der Beek.
Let's rewind all the way back to 1998. At 33 years old, McBride guest starred as a bar patron named Nina for an episode of the six-season sitcom. In the season one episode, titled "Road Trip," Dawson approaches Nina at a bar after going through a breakup.
"Hi, my name is Dawson," he says after tapping her on the shoulder.
"Oh, you're Dawson," she jokes. "Wow, yeah, alright. Good to know." She turns away. Eventually, however, the two get talking after Dawson is honest about the absurdity of the moment. After a long conversation about film and ultimately deciding that they shouldn't go home with each other, they kiss.
McBride had a few other TV appearances before her role as Carol, particularly on Walker, Texas Ranger and Conan. Now, however, she's been with TWD for seven seasons, although back in 2016 she warned that what's in store for Carol is "absolutely devastating."
"It seems like everything that happens in this world is irrevocable and it can go one way or the other," she told AMC on season seven. "You have to accept it, but what does it do to you?"
That means that now more than ever we could do with watching the actress play a happier role, even if it was just for an episode — or two, actually. According to IMDb, she returned to Dawson's Creek to play a different character named Melanie in the penultimate episode of the series, "All Good Things." Whatever character she plays, it's safe to see we'd love to see her reprise the role if there's ever a Dawson's Creek reunion. Watch the clip below!

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