This Is The Hairstyle Nicole Kidman Misses Most

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If you constantly fight your curly mane by cranking up your flat iron to the highest setting, you’re gonna want to listen up, because Nicole Kidman has some words of wisdom. The actress, who most recently delivered a show-stopping performance on HBO’s Big Little Lies, told WHO Magazine that she regrets altering her naturally curly hair.
That’s right — Kidman may be known for her smooth strawberry-blonde locks, but they’re actually the result of years of overstyling. She revealed that it’s impossible to get that curly texture back, and she wishes that she hadn’t spent years fighting her natural hairstyle.
It turns out that even beauty icons like Kidman have insecurities, and she began altering her curls years ago because she longed to fit into Australia’s beauty stereotype.
"I really wanted to have that suntanned skin and long blonde hair," Kidman explained. "I wanted to conform and be the Aussie beach girl. And I was never going to be that."
For a long time, she went to great lengths to tame those natural ringlets and it permanently altered her hair’s natural texture.
"I wish I had my curls back," she continued. "I tortured them to death. I always say, 'Don't ruin the ringlets!'"
Of course, Kidman’s hair always looks gorgeous — but she makes the important point that we should embrace our appearances rather than fighting them in order to fit a cookie-cutter definition of “beautiful.”
When we use our flat irons on a daily basis, it doesn’t necessarily occur to us that we could be permanently damaging our hair. Kidman learned this the hard way, and now she’s been kind enough to share her wisdom with the curly-haired women of the world.
As the Oscar winner says, natural curls are beautiful — so think twice before blow drying with high heat, then whipping out the flat iron for good measure. After all, no one wants to realize too late that their natural hair texture was perfect all along.
Plus, it’ll make your morning routine significantly quicker and easier. In my book, that’s reason enough to bid goodbye to the flat iron.

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