Is Tonight The New Girl Series Finale?

Photo: Courtesy of Fox.
After six seasons, it looks like New Girl might be coming to an end. Though Fox has yet to release official news about the sitcom, fans (and, apparently, some of the show's actors) are convinced the Season 6 finale, which airs tonight, will be the show's last episode.
Last month, Jake Johnson, who plays the beloved Nick Miller, hinted in a Daily Beast interview that the show wouldn't be renewed for a Season 7. "Fox won't tell us [whether the show will be renewed]," Johnson told the Beast. "But we shot a finale where, if this was the end, the core fan base would be okay."
Now, that finale is here, and we're no closer to knowing whether the episode will indeed be a series finale. But based on Johnson's words, as well as New Girl executive producers Dave Finkel's and Brett Baer's statements to TV Guide, it sounds like that's the case.
"We really wanted to make sure that we delivered an ending that could work in both directions," Finkel told TV Guide. "If it was the series finale, that it answered a lot of questions, and then if it was just the season finale, there would be space to grow."
TV Guide's Liam Mathews also hints that the episode "feels like a series finale, and a very satisfying one at that."
The magazine also spoiled the fact that Lorde's "Green Light" will be featured in the season finale — it's not hard to imagine scenes of the loft-mates moving on with their lives with the pop track in the background. They may not be roommates anymore, but they "can't let go" of their time together! I'm getting emotional just thinking about it.
There's also the fact that Nick and Reagan (Megan Fox) broke up last week — leaving a potential Nick/Jess (Zooey Deschanel) reunion up in the air. And in Entertainment Weekly's exclusive clip from the episode, Schmidt forces Nick to admit his feelings for Jess, which is a pretty big clue. Check out the clip below — and get the tissues ready for tonight's finale.

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