This Dad Played A Cruel Prank On His Wife

When writer Bobby Wesson was taking care of their toddler while his wife was at work, he suddenly had an idea — one that, while hilarious, seriously tested the limits of his marriage.
Wesson's wife, Reyana, was working a shift as a nurse when she suddenly got a text message from her husband telling her that they needed to reschedule a forthcoming photoshoot with their son. From there, his story is a wild ride from start to finish.
Wesson smartly decided to pad out the big reveal with little reminders of what a great husband he's been (thus far).
However, as his wife's response indicates, that tactic wasn't enough to soften the blow of what looks to be a pretty terrible haircut.
Wesson tried to convince his wife that their son had gotten a hold of the trimmers, but she was understandably inconsolable.
Of course, things didn't get any better when he told her that he had tried to "fix" the problem.
"Omg my baby my sweet baby looks like a potato," Reyana wrote.
Wesson even elevated his prank by telling his wife that their child was extremely upset over what happened — upset enough to force his dad to do something even more drastic.
Eventually, he revealed that the photo was all a trick of some seriously convincing Photoshopping. Not that this made matters any better.
Wesson's story was posted to the Love What Matters Facebook page, and has received over 38,000 shares at the time of writing. As for how their marriage is going?
"I'm still alive! Rayena is still a little mad so I cancelled my life insurance this morning just to be safe," Wesson joked in a comment on the post.
Lesson learned: don't test a mother's love and protective instinct.

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