How You Can Snag Free Chips & Guac From Chipotle This Week

Photo: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg/Getty Images.
We know, we know, the guac is extra.
Anyone who frequents Chipotle doesn't need a reminder that the green stuff is a few bucks more, especially at the end of the line when burrito nirvana is just a few seconds away. If you want a way around that extra fee, everyone's favorite assembly line burrito purveyor is giving you a way to get free chips and guac this week. All you have to do is play a game.
Thrillist reports that Chipotle's latest promo involves finding a hidden artificial ingredient among the list of the chain's real-life all-natural ones. The game, called "Spot the Imposter" for obvious reasons, pits your food knowledge against everything in the Chipotle kitchens.
The restaurant boasts that it's the "only national restaurant brand without added colors, flavors or preservatives," so the game really drives that point home, especially as you scroll through wholesome and good-for-you foods like tomatoes, romaine lettuce, bell peppers, and, of course, avocados. After you spot the artificial ingredient among the 51 others (you can make as many mistakes as you want), click on it and you'll get a mobile coupon for free chips and guac along with that new knowledge. You've got until April 30 to redeem it, so the earlier you click, the more time you have to plan your next Chipotle run.
And that's not all you can win. You may want to forget about the game after you get that sweet coupon code, but the more days you play from now until April 7, the more entries you get in Chipotle's current sweepstakes. Finding a rogue ingredient each day will get you one more entry to win free food for 10 or free burritos for a year.
What are you waiting for? You can play "Spot the Imposter" at Chipotle's website now.

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