The Intense Battle Scenes We Could Barely Sit Through

If you’re as squeamish as I am, then you probably watch Game of Thronesbattle scenes through fingers over your eyes, occasionally peering out to check when it’s done. And you definitely will be thrashing around in your seat while watching Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk, a two-hour war spectacular.That’s, at least, how I approach the gory choreography of battle scenes. While I appreciate their immense production value, they’re hard for me to stomach.
And isn’t that the point? Battle scenes shouldn’t be comfortable to watch. These scenes attempt to distill the chaos of war into something the camera and eye can follow. If the production is successful, viewers will, for a second, gain a shrivel of understanding for a terrifying experience so many people have endured in the past.
These are the most intense war scenes that I wasn’t able to watch. Unfortunately for us, only one of them involves Jon Snow.
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