The Poster For The New Baywatch Movie Is Exactly What You Think It Is

Baywatch has been remade for 2017, and this time, it's about more than just boobs. The original TV series is infamous for its slow-motion shots of female lifeguards running down the beach, but the poster for the upcoming film proves that this time around, they guys will experience just as much objectification. Equality, I guess?
It's impossible to take one glance at the poster and not immediately know what they're getting at. Two beach balls with "Dwayne Johnson" and "Zac Efron" emblazoned on them flank a life raft with "Baywatch" engraved down the center.

It's a hard job, but there's a pair that can do it. Look out for our NEW trailer Wednesday! #BeBaywatch #Bayday

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Do you get it? It's a penis. It's a crude penis made out of two balls and a raft, because of course it is.
Despite the sparse poster, a lot of big names make up the cast, and they're not all dudes. In fact, awesome actresses like Priyanka Chopra and Alexandra Daddario hold main roles. While we wish we could see them just as prominently displayed on the poster, this is just a teaser. The official poster might be totally different — but let's be honest, nothing could be more on brand than this.
Although the trailer proves that the film still maintains some of the subtle and not-so-subtle nods to the female anatomy that the original pioneered, it's a good call to have the poster turn the tables on what most feel is a tired trope. It could have easily used two beach balls to make some kind of boob pun, but that would have been yet another Hollywood movie treating the female body as an object in order to sell tickets.
The plot of the film itself centers on a group of lifeguards who stumble upon criminal activity that threatens the Bay. Efron and Johnson's characters must overcome their differences and work together to stop it. Catch the movie when it rides into theaters May 26.

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