This Husband Did The Most Romantic Thing For His Wife With Endometriosis

For some of us, romance means flowers, chocolate, and never forgetting an anniversary. But for one Imgur user, it means cleaning a grimy bathtub.
An Imgur user who goes by the username Flamesonthesideofmyface posted a photo on Thursday of her husband scrubbing down their bathtub — and it immediately went viral, with over 585,000 views at the time of writing.
"I have endometriosis," she wrote in the caption. "For those unfamiliar, it means a lot of things, but relevant to this post, it means Mother Nature gives me a whole lot of pain every month."
After one particular night in which she was up at 3 a.m. crying in pain, she wrote, her husband came home with a heating pack, made her a snack, and then began cleaning their tub so that she could take a bath.
"He immediately made me a snack with cheese and crackers and then went to town cleaning our tub," she wrote. "I mean *cleaning*. He scrubbed every jet, took off the filter, and made it sparkle and shine. He filled the tub with muscle relieving bath goodness he'd just bought, set the jets running, and brought me my favorite wine and chocolate after I settled in (along with 'just shout out any time you want more wine').
Not only that, but as she soaked in the tub, he cleaned the kitchen, took care of dinner, got lotion for a massage, prepared a hot pad for her stomach, and offered to watch "trashy TV" with her in pajamas.
"I have never, in my life, felt more cherished or protected," she wrote. "People say marriage is where the romance ends or that relationships become stagnant, but it really is the best thing in the world to be married to your closest friend--particularly when they make sure to show you that you matter. I think that it only has to become stagnant or unromantic if you let it. Grateful for someone who won't let that happen. I love you, Ry."
What this husband did for his wife would already be extremely romantic in most circumstances, but if you or anyone you know has had endometriosis, you'll understand why she gave him an extra-special shout-out. Endometriosis, a condition that affects women's reproductive organs, and can be incredibly painful, sometimes even leading to digestive issues — hence, the heating pad.
Several other Imgur users commented on her post, writing about their own experiences with endometriosis.
"Fellow Endo sister here and can completely relate to this love," one user wrote. "My hubs will do the same for me. He's my rock."
"My gf has endometriosis," another user shared. "It's the worst feeling seeing her suffer with no way of helping, now I got some ideas! Thanks for the post, OP!"
While there's still a dearth of information on how to live with endometriosis, kudos to this man for making it a little easier on his wife. True romance, indeed.

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