New Girl's Schmidt Had An Affair…With Amy From Brooklyn 99?

Brooklyn 99 and New Girl are about to make TV history. While series crossovers, for an episode or two, aren't unheard of, what Brooklyn 99 wants to do in it's upcoming season takes it to a whole new level. Schmidt from New Girl isn't just appearing in the next season, he's getting a character pregnant. Amy, to be specific.
This was all announced in a video for FOX, the parent company of the two shows. Melissa Fumero, who plays Amy on the sitcom, opens the video by saying she has "a huge doozy for season four."
"Every now and then you come up with an idea for an episode and you just think, 'This could be television history,'" Brooklyn 99 creator Dan Goor adds.
They decided that Amy should be pregnant, but that's not the big news.
"The father is not Jake," Fumero continues.
"I thought, 'Who do I want to see make a baby with Amy?'" Goor explains. "Immediately I thought Schmidt."
Yes, Schmidt. The eccentric New Girl character is making his Brooklyn 99 debut as the father of Amy's unborn child.
"Schmidt doesn't have sex!" Andy Samberg, who plays Jake, protests. He's clearly not too thrilled with the arrangement.
"I mean when I got the script I was completely shocked," Hannah Simone, who plays Cece in New Girl, said. "Schmidt and Cece just got married. You would think that them having a baby was next on the books."
You would, wouldn't you? In fact, so much about this announcement doesn't make sense. That's because it's an April Fool's March. With the first of April landing on a Saturday this year, lots of brands are getting their tomfoolery out early, much to the detriment of our heart rates.
"C'mon guys, we're not that crazy," Fumero says, although she's not totally against the idea. "It would be good for season nine."
You can watch the full prank below!

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