Twitter Has Some Strong Opinions On Whether Or Not Butter Belongs In The Fridge

Photographed by Andy Price.
Yet another food debate has surfaced on Twitter. Unlike with the arguments over pineapple on pizza or pulp-free orange juice, this one has nothing to do with taste. Instead, Twitter users are heatedly sharing their thoughts on how and where you should store butter.
If you've only ever lived in households where the butter was kept in the refrigerator, on its own little designated shelf, you may not even be aware that there's another possible place for it. Well, I'm here to help expand your horizons by letting you know that there is another path, and it is so much better.
I was brought up in a home where the butter dish was left on the countertop 24/7, and that meant never struggling to cut off the perfect pat or cramping up when trying to spread it evenly on my toaster waffle. Once I moved in with other roommates, however, I was forced to take on the practice of storing butter in the fridge. Apparently some people think leaving dairy at room temperature is gross, though I can't possibly imagine why. It seems that Twitter has caught on to the fact that there is a bit of a divide when it comes to proper butter storage, and just as I have done above, everyone who has tweeted about it insists that their opinion is the correct one.
I usually like to think that I'm above these food controversies, but it became instantly clear that when butter is involved, I can't help but get emotional. For some reason scrolling through people's Twitter remarks on this topic, I want to respond in all caps to everyone tweeting about salmonella and "science." Luckily, I didn't have to type anything because other folks who leave their butter out are totally holding their own in the debate. And, in the end, I have to take comfort in the fact that those who are so convinced that butter belongs in the refrigerator are just missing out on perfected buttered toast every time.

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