Orange Juice Is At The Center Of The Internet's Latest Food Debate

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There are certain food preferences that don’t have people all that divided. For instance, I think most of us can agree that the mere idea of dipping a slice of perfectly delicious pizza in a glass of milk is just disgusting and offensive. Other issues, however, have people pretty evenly split, and of course, each side feels very strongly that they are right. One such debate involves a much beloved breakfast beverage, and according to Mashable, it’s the internet’s most recent intense argument: Is orange juice better with or without pulp?
Obviously, orange juice has been argued about since way before the internet was around. Growing up, my home was staunchly divided over the topic. My sister and brother were in one corner, preferring pulp-free, while my dad and I liked orange juice that, as he puts it, "you have to chew.” Like with most controversies in our household, my mom diplomatically sat somewhere in the middle, never choosing a side and switching off weeks buying extra pulp and pulp-free.
Today, I still believe that orange juice with pulp is superior. It’s heartier and seems like something a grown up should be able to handle. Plus, isn’t pulp a sign that what you’re drinking is real and fresh? Based on a recent outpouring of tweets, it looks like most of my fellow pulp lovers have similar reasons for preferring OJ you can chew. Many Twitter users are taking their allegiance to the next level by publicly discrediting those who don’t like pulp, and the resulting tweets are kind of hilarious.
Like with any good food controversy, the folks on the other side — the anti-pulpers, if you will — are equality as passionate about their beliefs. Although, as a devoted pulp fan, I feel it is my duty to point out that most of the tweets from anti-pulpers don’t state concrete reasons for disliking pulp, but maybe I’m just seeing what I want to see.
So, where do you fall on this age-old issue? Perhaps, like me, you've held a strong position on orange juice for years. Well, thanks to this Twitter debate, you can now join a larger conversation. Let the world know how you feel about pulp. Believe me, I'm going to.

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