This Mom Breastfeeds While She Works Out & You Have To See It

For many of us, finding time to squeeze in a workout between a busy career and social life can be difficult. If you're a mom, however, it can be next to impossible. While some moms have opted to work out with their kids, fitness coach Monica Bencomo takes it to another level — by breastfeeding during her workouts.

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Bencomo, a mother of two, is also a fitness coach at her company, Moms Wear Heels. She told People that after giving birth to her daughter Ariel 18 months ago, she took some time off before getting back into her workouts.
"I took about a month off, and slowly began introducing compound movements in while she napped like weighted squats, pull ups and push ups," she said. "It felt amazing to move my body and gain my strength back, and in the comfort of my own home."
But as her daughter grew older, it became increasingly difficult to squeeze in time.
"I tried taking her to the gym daycare and she hated it. So I figured, why not workout in front of them?" Bencomo told People. "After she acclimated to squatting with her mom and big bro, she began yanking my sports bra to the side for a snack during our family workout videos."
Bencomo also said she understands why being a busy mom can get in the way of keeping to a fitness schedule.
"I honestly thought that since I do it, that MANY people did due to sheer convenience. But turns out, many women sit down, breastfeed, and lose their motivation to finish their workouts," she told People. "Instead of letting that happen, I incorporate her into my lifestyle."
However, that doesn't mean she judges anyone who doesn't do the same.
"Overall, I hope to inspire moms to do what feels best for THEM and their family #nojudgement," she wrote in an Instagram post. "I work from home, so it isn't an inconvenience for me to continue our breastfeeding journey."
She also opened up about the pressure to have an ideal post-baby body, writing, "As a fitness coach, I've felt pressure to wean before WE were ready to shred down (breastfeeding causes your body to hold on to fat). But my journey in motherhood is more important to me than being lean."
"Our kids grow fast, and I hope I can help inspire moms to not allow society or the media to pressure them to sacrifice their ideals to fit in to speed up their snapback,'" she added.
Perhaps what's even more admirable about Bencomo's multi-tasking skills is that she advocates for other moms to have their own journeys, whether or not it involves working out — with or without baby.

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