First Time For Everything: A Real Housewife Just Apologized

"It is a good rule in life never to apologize," P.G. Wodehouse wrote in his 1914 novel The Man Upstairs. "The right sort of people do not want apologies, and the wrong sort take a mean advantage of them."
We guess that all the Real Housewives are huge fans of English society comedies about the relationship between a quick-witted butler and his somewhat dimmer employer, because they appear to be living their televised lives by this maxim.
Andy Cohen, Housewives producer, knows exactly how the women of the shows avoid apologizing.
You never noticed that, I'll bet. Or maybe you did! Who knows, you seem smart.
The apology came after Erika Girardi let Eileen Davidson have it over a meal in Hong Kong.
Then, an apology. Girardi was under stress, she took it out on Davidson, everything is now copacetic. The pair were at lunch with Kyle Richardson, according to E! News.
"I'm sorry I had a meltdown on you at the table. I apologize. It had nothing to do with you," Erika said. "I was stressed out and those words are very sensitive to me, so I had a meltdown."
"I got it," Eileen said. "I get it."
"And I appreciate that," Erika said. "And you know I would never, ever, because you have been so good to me and I appreciate our friendship and I would never say anything like that to you."
Wow, two adults handling their business. Boring. Someone throw a drink.
Watch Girardi discuss her apology below.

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