There's A Free Gift You Can Get At J.Crew For One Day Only

J. Crew is so into stripes, the retailer has decided we need an entire day devoted to the timeless print. A full-fledged, totally made-up holiday, in fact. This Friday, March 31, is the first-ever "National Stripes Day," and they've got a treat in store (literally) for those that want to flaunt their love of the pattern. (Hey, if there's a National Margarita Day and a National Pizza Day, why not one devoted to a perennially popular print?)
"It's really just to celebrate our love of stripes," Somsack Sikhounmuong, J.Crew's head women's designer, told Refinery29 of how the made-up holiday came about. "Stripes has always been part of our DNA here at J.Crew, whether it’s a deck striped tee, striped button up shirts, or a striped ball skirt. Stripes are such a classic for anyone’s wardrobe."
In honor of the lighthearted "holiday," which, of course, has its own hashtag, #nationalstripesday, the retailer is giving us all an incentive to add more of the nautical-ish, French girl-beloved motif into our closets. On Friday, J.Crew's offering a one-day-only gift with purchase when you buy any striped item in stores: an array of patches, including the ones pictured here, which a sales associate can affix to your new threads.
Plus, head over to the retailer's blog to see how four members of the brand's women's design team go about personalizing their striped garb. (Now, we're wondering why we've never considered tie-dyed stripes before.)
If you need a refresher on why stripes are reliably dope, check out the below video, in which J.Crew's president and executive creative director, Jenna Lyons, describes her whole aesthetic as "tomboy meets grandma." She accurately effuses about how versatile the print is: "as far as I'm concerned stripes are like denim; they go with everything." We concur, Jenna. Browse through J.Crew's extensive selection of the pattern to plot what you'll be buying in one of its brick-and-mortar locations on Friday to nab those sweet patches.

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