This Woman Trolled Dudes On Tinder & We Can’t Decide If It’s Genius Or Horrible

Update: Tinder has weighed in. “Requesting money from other Tinder users violates our terms of service," a Tinder spokesperson told Refinery29. So, Maggie Archer has officially been removed from Tinder for her evil genius plan.
We've seen some pretty interesting things on Tinder. Sometimes the stories we hear are hysterical, and sometimes they're downright awful. This one is a mixture.
Maggie Archer is a 20-year-old college student, whose Tinder strategy is interesting, to say the least. Instead of using the dating app to, you know, get dates, she's using it to scam gullible guys out of $5, BuzzFeed reports.
Her bio includes one simple line saying, "send me $5, see what happens." What happens, once a naive match sends the money to Archer's PayPal account, is that she unmatches with him.
Archer told BuzzFeed that it's a "foolproof plan." After all, she never promises these men anything in exchange for their $5. She just tells them to see what happens.
And a surprising number of guys take the bait. Archer posted screenshots of her conversations with Tinder matches, and of her PayPal account on Twitter.
According to BuzzFeed, Archer once got money from more than 20 matches in a week. To spare you the math, that's more than $100. So, is it genius or is it mean?
While Archer has gotten some backlash from people on the side of the guys losing out, most of the replies on her tweet are positive.
She's not lying or forcing guys to send her money. These guys are sending $5 (and sometimes $10) willingly, without knowing what they'll get in return. So, can we really fault her for exploiting gullible men willing to spend $5 just to see what happens? You tell us.

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