Here's The Crazy Origin Story Behind Starbucks' Latest Cult Fave

If we learned anything from the series of colorful Starbucks drinks that went viral on Instagram last summer, it’s that loyal Starbucks customers love coming up with new and exciting ways to enjoy the chains’ regular offerings. However, rarely do these inventions make their way onto the official Starbucks menu. Recently, though, a customer-invented drink, now referred to as the Medicine Ball, managed to become an exception.
According to Fortune, this drink's journey to official menu status all began when one manager wrote in Starbucks’ internal messaging system that over 20 requests for the tea-based beverage were coming into his store every day. He reported that customers had been placing this particular order after seeing photos of the drink on Instagram. Fortune reports almost 40 other managers at various other Starbucks locations replied to the post, saying they, too, were getting an enormous number of orders for this same Instagram-famous drink. Corporate immediately took notice, and just one day later, it was decided that a standard recipe card and ring code would be created for what’s now called the Medicine Ball.
So, what will you get if or — perhaps more likely, when — you order the Medicine Ball at Starbucks? Instagram posts show that the beverage is made by adding one Mint Majesty Teavana bag and one Peach Tranquility Teavana bag to a Venti cup of hot water and steamed lemonade. It’s then finished off with some honey. Also according to many an Instagram post, it's delicious.

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The origin story of the Medicine Ball shows that a lot of power actually does lie with us, the consumers. Or, perhaps, this creative drink is just that good.

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