Genius Power Rangers Trailer Returns To '90s VHS Glory Days

The new Power Rangers movie is nice and all, but we know that we kind of pine for the glory days of waking up on Saturday, sneaking sugar cereal until your body was fully vibrating, and then tuning in to watch the Rangers absolutely demolish some Putties. Then more sugar cereal and jumping on your parents' bed while you practice the cool Power Rangers moves you just learned on their still-mostly-asleep bodies. That's a real thing, right? Don't answer that.
Anyways, genius YouTuber Consider remixed the new Power Rangers movie trailer to give it some of that grainy VHS magic. Do you remember the '90s? This YouTube video does, and it's going to share its knowledge with you. The original theme song and logo are even included, which is a super nice touch.
Elizabeth Banks looks positively radiant as Rita Repulsa. And Bryan Cranston looks pretty good as the face in the wall. Do not tell me his name, I want to keep the suspense up for when I go to see the movie.
And, if you doubt the authenticity of Consider's remix, here's the original. I can almost feel the Frosted Flakes curdling around my brain.

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