Mindy Kaling & Cory Booker Are Totally Flirting & We Ship It

Move over B.J. Novak, Mindy Kaling has another will-they-or-won't-they public love interest. In a moment that seems ripped from a less depressing version of The Office, Senator Cory Booker tweeted at Kaling after a Newark-dissing joke on The Mindy Project. To be fair to Kaling, nobody in their right mind would go to Newark. To be fair to Booker, he has to protect his turf.
Booker helpfully appended this Vogue travel guide to his fair city. Let's see here. The piece says Newark has museums, bars, and a mildly intriguing place called Burger Walla that combines Indian food and American influences. Sounds pretty good! On the other hand: Newark.
Kaling refused to stick to her guns, slamming her alter ego Lahiri. She should speak her truth!
Booker took the bait or called Kaling's bluff. He invited the comedian to have dinner with him in Newark. He even made a hashtag. It's like a promposal! But the prom is Jersey.
Kaling said yes. Of course she did.
She even volunteered to take public transit. What a peach! That's why she's the people's champ. But Booker, ever the gentleman bachelor, offered to send her a Lyft.
Cory, no! Carl Icahn, major Lyft investor, is a huge Trump supporter! That's bad! You're supposed to support unions like the Yellow Cabs. Man. We were so close.

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