No, Chelsea Clinton Is Not Getting A "Lifetime Achievement" Award

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Whether or not Chelsea Clinton is planning to run for Senate in 2020 is still uncertain. Last month, the NY Daily News reported that Clinton would likely be running against Caroline Kennedy for the NY Senate seat; however, when Clinton spoke with the NY Post, she seemed pretty emphatic that she wasn't going to. But no matter: We all know she doesn't need to actually run in order for the internet to get all up in arms about whether or not she should even try.
The tweet-reactions have been out in full force ever since The Hill reported today that Clinton will be receiving an award next month at the annual "Women in Power" luncheon. However, The Hill accidentally stated that Clinton would be receiving a "Lifetime Achievement Award" when, in reality, she's just getting an award from Lifetime...the television network (along with Variety magazine).
The Hill corrected the error, but not before the tweet storm. Reactions ranged from support and congrats to understandable ire at the possibility of a woman of 37, however accomplished, receiving an award for a "lifetime" of achievement — and they also dragged the Senate-run rumor out for uncomfortable debate once again. Some of the tweet-critics were amusing, but honestly, many of them veered far off into Troll Territory (we won't be sharing those here).
Also, many tweeters of both strains of criticism — the "how dare she run for Senate" camp as well as the "how dare they give her a Lifetime Achievement award" camp, which of course were overlapping camps — harped on Chelsea's supposed lack of any accomplishments that would make her deserving of either role. But here's the thing: Chelsea, albeit undeserving of a Lifetime Achievement award (yet) is indeed highly accomplished, and absolutely deserves the actual award she is getting, which according to Variety is "for her work with Alliance for a Healthier Generation, which empowers kids to develop lifelong healthy habits." Yep. She has definitely done that work.
As for those claiming she doesn't necessarily have the political experience for the Senate, well, perhaps. But did any of you happen to see that Merkel meeting recently? This is apparently the world we live in, folks. And compared to an erstwhile fashion designer suddenly seated among world leaders at the White House, an activist aiming for the NY Senate seems like small fry.

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