Starbucks Just Resurrected Victoria Beckham's Spice Girls Stage Name

Photo: Mark Cuthbert/UK Press/Getty Images.
If you grew up in the '90s, you most likely played the "which Spice Girl are you?" game. I spent countless hours — specifically one family road trip to Virginia — listening to the Spice CD while conferring with my brother and sister on which member of the band we would most like to be. I always landed on the same answer: Posh. She was effortlessly cool with a bit of an attitude, and the best part, she always looked so chic, and put together, and most importantly, grown-up.
That Posh Spice persona I admired so much was retireD a long time ago, and Victoria Beckham has gone on to be a very successful fashion designer and businesswoman. Oh, and she married famous footballer David Beckham, and together they have four kids. Though she still carries the same class that Posh was known for, many of us tend to forget about who she was on stage and in music videos all those years ago, and honestly, that makes me a little sad. Thankfully, a Starbucks barista just did something that made us remember who Victoria Beckham used to be, and the '90s kid inside me couldn't be happier.
Over the weekend, Romeo Beckham, Victoria and David's 14-year-old son, posted a photo of his mom's Starbucks cup to Instagram. This one unassuming photo had my eyes filling up with tears of nostalgia. That's because written across the clear plastic cup in black permanent marker was the name "Posh." Romeo captioned the photo, "When my mum goes to Starbucks!! 👌"

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It's kind of absurd how much I love this, but it's a nice reminder that the '90s are not dead. With this single Starbucks order, Posh Spice and our childhoods live on.
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