This Mom Had The Best Response After Her Daughter Failed A Test

The pressure to do well in school can be rough — especially if you pride yourself on being a great student.
After working hard to study for a math test, student Hannah Cho ended up not doing as well as she had hoped. But when she sent her mother a Snapchat saying that she had "failed," her mother disagreed.
"I don’t care if you fail your math test," her mother responded. "I don’t care if you get below 1,000 on [your] SAT…I don’t care if your GPA is under 2.0….I don’t care if you get accepted to Stanford…BUT…I care if you cry…I care if you are stressed..I care if you are unhappy…I care when you get hungry even if you get hungry every two hours (I admit, it can get tiring feeding you constantly)…But I love you."
Cho told BuzzFeed that she thought the response was so sweet, she decided to post it to Twitter.
"My ultimate goal was to get the perfect GPA, a 4.0, so getting a B for me personally was unacceptable," she told BuzzFeed about the test. Of course, her mom's message made her feel way better.
"Even failing a test like this, my mom encouraged me with her positivity to try my hardest in school," she told BuzzFeed. "Not only is she my mom, but she is truly my best friend. Our relationship is based upon trust and love. She never asks me to do homework, asks for my grades, or do chores because she trusts me to do so."
Since Cho posted her mom's message to Twitter, the post has received over 3,000 retweets and 12,000 likes at the time of writing. While most responses were positive, Cho told BuzzFeed that as the tweet went viral, many accused the message of being fake. Many people also asked why a mom was even on Snapchat in the first place.
But most frustratingly, Cho told BuzzFeed that people thought the message had to be fake because her family is Asian, and obviously Asian parents would never be okay with their kids getting a bad grade.
Cho, thankfully, rose above it.
"Not all Asian parents are strict and demanding," she told BuzzFeed. "I’m glad to say that we broke free from those stereotypes and proved them wrong. My mom is the most wonderful role model I could ever ask for. She is the most powerful influence in my life and continues to love me unconditionally."

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