Wall Street's "Fearless Girl" Statue Got Transformed Into A Trump Supporter

Last night, Wall Street's "Fearless Girl" statue swapped her pink pussy hat for something a bit more unexpected.
The famous bronze statue, which went viral on International Women's Day and is considered a feminist symbol by some, was transformed into a Trump supporter a little bit after midnight.
The makeover happened at the hands of two men wearing "Make America Great Again" hats, according to pictures sent by a tipster to Gothamist.
The tipster said that the statue was covered with a U.S. flag and and a hat bearing the Trump MAGA slogan. The men also showcased a couple of pro-Trump signs, including one that read "VETS B4 ILLEGALS" and another one featuring a drawing of the alt-right symbol Pepe the Frog, Gothamist reported.
The Anti-Defamation League has deemed Pepe the Frog one of the white nationalists' preferred hate symbols. People unfamiliar with the character might know it as the "sad frog" meme.
But this is not the first time that someone has added a "Make America Great Again" hat to the statue. An Instagram account called "Students for Trump" shared a picture of the sculpture with a MAGA hat about a week ago.

Freedom ????

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At least this time the statue is being accessorized instead of defiled. Earlier this month pictures of the sculpture went viral after a man was caught on camera humping the "Fearless Girl."
The statue is supposed to be on display until April 2, but local politicians are looking to make it a permanent addition to lower Manhattan. The installation, which was unveiled as part of a campaign calling for companies to add more women to their boards of directors, has been met with both praise and controversy.

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