This Restaurant Chain Will Let You Pay With Random Gift Cards From Any Store

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If you have hoarding tendencies like I do, chances are your stretched out wallet is full of old gift cards that you’re probably never going to use. No matter how long they’ve been in there or whether they’ve expired, people like us just can’t seem to bring ourselves to throw them out because it feels like such a blatant waste of money. One restaurant chain has recently decided to help out those poor unfortunate souls who have too many ancient gift cards. For the rest of the month, 67 Applebee's locations in the great state of Texas are accepting gift cards to anywhere, as well as expired coupons.
According to Cosmopolitan, you can use gift cards, gift certificates, and coupons from wherever to pay for up 50% of you bill. That's right, some Texans can now take any old coupon from their supermarket circular and put its value towards their next meal.
Like with most great deals, there are a few restrictions. If you choose to take this opportunity to clean out your wallet, keep in mind that you won't be able to apply this offer to alcohol purchases. Bummer, we know. You also won't be able to combine it with any other Applebee's offers. And, of course, Applebee's locations outside of Texas are not currently participating in this promotion, but we aren't going to lose hope.
Chris Dharod, COO of the Apple Texas franchise group, told Dallas News that the idea for this promotion came when they realized "a number of people have either expired gift cards, gift certificates, or coupons, to places that they do not care to visit." So, the group thought why not help those people out by accepting them at Applebee's? Since people everywhere — not just in Texas — tend to hang on to old gift cards, we're holding out for locations of the chain all over the country to catch on. Fingers crossed.

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