Ed Westwick Doesn't Look Like Chuck Bass Anymore

A new series on Crackle shows Ed Westwick in a brand new light. The actor, who starred as Chuck Bass in the CW hit Gossip Girl, has traded in his posh Upper East Side affect for a more unruly role: gangster. Snatch, starring Westwick alongside other names like Rupert Grint and Luke Pasqualino, premiere's on March 16, and Entertainment Tonight got an exclusive clip from the show featuring Westwick like we've never seen him before.
The 29-year-old plays Sonny Castillo, a Cuban gangster who has a club in London called El Flamingo. The clip shows Castillo, bearded and wearing a particularly festive shirt, counting money from last night's attendees at the club. Lotti, played by Phoebe Dyvenor, is bickering with Castillo about getting her fair share of the earnings — 10%, she says.
“Always with the drama, Lotti,” Castillo replies. “You need to center your fire, baby girl.”
In response, Lotti takes a handful of money and lights it with a candle.
“I’ll torch this place to the ground with you in it," she says. "Give me what you owe me, you pig, or I'll leave you —"
Castillo pushes her up against the wall.
“No one leaves Santiago Castillo,” he threatens, before giving her money and telling her to go buy a see-through outfit for the night.
He's not exactly as smooth of a talker as his previous role, but it does seem like he might have the same amount of respect towards women.
His costars bring to life equally vivid characters. Grint plays a member of a once-financially successful British aristocrat family, Charlie Cavendish-Scott.
Prince Harry was someone I studied a bit, just to get that proud Englishness,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “I watched a lot of videos [of him]. I didn’t really take a lot from it, to be honest. It turned into something else. But he was my first port of call.”
The series is based off of the 2000 film of the same name, but we'll have to wait until Thursday to see just what they did with it.

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