This Grounded Teen Got Trapped In Her Room & Recorded Her Escape

Photographed by Bianca Valle.
We have to hand it to creative parents. They make everything from pregnancy announcements to punishment more least for everyone except the kids.
But sometimes parents' creative punishments backfire.
When 17-year-old Alexa Pacheco was grounded on Tuesday, her parents took her doorknob away. It was supposed to take away her privacy, since the door couldn't lock without the knob, and be a punishment for her grades, Seventeen reports.
But the punishment turned around on them when Alexa accidentally trapped herself in her room, and had to call them to get her out.
"I had to shower, so I closed the door to change," Alexa told Seventeen. "When the door shut, I realized I was accidentally locked in."
She got really nervous once she realized that no one was home, and weren't supposed to be for at least another half hour.
"I called my parents," Alexa told Seventeen. "I yelled, 'Mom, I can't get out!'" So her mom called her dad, who rushed home to help his daughter escape.
It's a funny story, sure, but the whole thing went viral when Alexa posted her attempt to GTFO to her Snapchat, and later Twitter, complete with an epic soundtrack (seriously, turn on the sound.)
You'd think surviving such an ordeal would earn Alexa her doorknob back, but no such luck. She's still grounded and doorknob-less.

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