Please Don't Burn Yourself With This "Eraser Challenge"

Ok, there's a new challenge, and it's really dumb. The new craze sweeping the nation is apparently the "eraser challenge," in which you rub an eraser on your skin really hard until you can no longer stand it. Today writes that the challenge has been around for years, though it's just now gaining fame on social media.
East Iredell Middle School in Statesville, North Carolina posted a warning to their students and parents about the challenge.
"The latest internet challenge is the 'Eraser Challenge,'" the school writes. "Kids are rubbing an eraser across their skin while having to do or say something. It's causing serious burns and we've seen several cases of this at EIMS."
The phenomenon is around on Instagram too. Apparently a popular version is to recite the alphabet while rubbing an eraser on your skin, then comparing the burn with another kid that's doing the same thing.
Check out this awful picture.


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On the scale of dangerous, dumb things that kids do, this seems pretty far to the dumb side. Why do it? Because they're in middle school, who knows. Just, like, don't do this.

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