We Want To Sing A Love Song To This Crazy, Whimsical Wedding Cake

Wait, did I die and go to heaven?!
When I first laid eyes on this croquembouche concoction, I immediately wanted to scrap the sensible chocolate cake I had already ordered for my wedding. I mean, the mini-doughnuts? The pastel macarons and little roses? The fact that it's a unicorn cake?! Ugh, utter perfection. Dying, dying, dead.
Photo: Courtesy of Anges de Sucre.
Then, I found out that you can only get it at the Anges de Sucre bakery in London. (Dominique Ansel, this is your challenge: Make a stateside version, pretty please.) Founder Reshmi Bennett takes a few days to create each of these whimsical towers, and only makes one a month for a lucky couple, according to Delish. It's inspired by the traditional French croquembouche cake, and Bennett spends a good deal of time carving it into a perfect horn shape before going to town decorating it.
When the cake structure has set, Bennett frosts the creation in pastel butter creams, which gives the round base a watercolor look. Then comes the really fun part: "Instead of limiting the toppings to profiteroles and macarons like a traditional croquembouche cake," Bennett told Delish, "I thought having a whole smorgasbord of desserts would be much more of a feast for the eyes — and the belly." Genius.
On top of it all, she makes every single item by hand, from the raspberry macarons to the candied popcorn to the buttermilk doughnuts to the cream-filled eclairs to...well, there's just so much on this cake. But, as you can see, the labor of love — which stands at about 3 feet — is absolutely worth it. "Basically, all the major dessert food groups rolled into one glorious creation" is how the bakery describes it, and we 100% agree.
Kind of makes me want to have a second reception in London... But for now, I'll just follow Anges de Sucre on Instagram for a daily sugar rush and hope Bennett opens up a branch in NYC sometime soon.

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