Disney Just Released The Entire Beauty & The Beast Soundtrack

Photo: Courtesy of Disney.
Get ready to sing along. Not only is Disney amping up the excitement surrounding Beauty and the Beast with fashion collabs, nail decals, and a touch of controversy, the studio is offering up the upcoming live-action remake's entire soundtrack. Curious? Disney's YouTube page has every track from the film, so you can familiarize yourself with your old favorites and the new additions. Yep, that's right, there are new songs in the tale as old as time — but we think that listening to the soundtrack's classic tunes is the real draw.
First off, for some odd reason, everyone seems to have a British accent. Maybe this small provincial town is actually an English enclave in France? We're unclear, but throughout all the tunes you know and love, Gaston and Co. have accents that you're either going to love or hate. Even in the movie's opening number, "Belle," you can hear the villagers' accents as they greet the day. If you notice a few lyrical changes, that's because Alan Menken, the man behind the music, used some of the songs' original lyrics, which he crafted with the late Howard Ashman while working on the animated feature.
For anyone wondering, Emma Watson's singing voice is fine. It's not amazing, it's not anything like the OG Belle, Paige O'Hara, but since we're already this deeply committed to a remake, it'll do. As for Dan Stevens, the voice of the Beast, his deeper tenor fares better. And since his solo, "Evermore," will only be familiar to those who've seen the Broadway production of B&TB, there's less of a legacy to live up to.
The shining light? Luke Evans' Gaston, whose campy delivery is everything and more. His performances in his own titular song and "The Mob Song" are over the top in the best way possible. As for Josh Gad? He may be better than the original — yeah, we said it.
And for anyone looking for a Céline Dion moment, she's back for the new movie. Instead of the title tune, however, she has a new track, "How Does a Moment Last Forever." This time around, Ariana Grande and John Legend get to sing the famous duet, which won the Academy Award for Best Song in 1992.
Check out every song from the upcoming movie on Disney's YouTube page.

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