Exclusive Clip: Kristen Stewart's Cellular Demons Follow Her To A Couture Shop

Personal Shopper is a thrilling and emotional story of one woman's struggle to accept the passing of her twin brother. Maureen, played by Kristen Stewart (who is finally free of her Twilight teen movie chains) is trying to put together the fragments of her life as a personal shopper working in Paris for an insufferable actress named Kyra. It's only been three months since her brother, Lewis, died unexpectedly from a heart problem that she shares. In dealing with his sudden death, she is forced to confront spiritual and personal demons before she can move on with her life, both geographically and professionally.
You see, Maureen and Lewis were both mediums and could communicate (very subtly) with the dead. Maureen is desperate to communicate with her twin brother to feel whole again, if only for a moment, before she can leave Paris and escape the doldrums of her unsatisfying job.
The film is the product of the whimsical and intense French director and screenwriter Olivier Assayas, who also worked with Stewart on the 2014 drama, Cloud Of Sils Maria. While stylistically similar to his 2014 film, Personal Shopper is far scarier. And even though the movie is about ghosts, its more about the demons in our lives than Casper-like hauntings. As Stewart herself described on the TODAY show, "The movie is scary because it's lofty and heady. The ghostly aspects are confronting in a really realistic way. That's scarier."
But the good news is that in addition to spooky ghostly orbs, we also see a lot of fantastic and opulent clothing in the film, which, second to Stewart's nuanced performance, is kind of the best part. In an exclusive Refinery29 clip below, you can watch Maureen try on an edgy couture harness in a fashion house in London. But she's distracted by the constant buzzing of her phone (our personal nightmare) as a mysterious stalker sends her text after spooky text.
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