That Unaired Donald Trump Episode Of SVU Inspired Some Network Shade

Photo: David Giesbrecht/NBC.
By now, you've heard that Law & Order: SVU had a Donald Trump-inspired episode on the schedule. It's filmed and everything. But after three delays, it's pretty obvious that the episode won't ever see the light of day (not that that's a problem for the show's star, Ice-T). However, fans of procedurals are in for a treat, because Vanity Fair reports that The Good Fight, CBS's spin-off of The Good Wife, will be airing an episode inspired by the delays plaguing this specific episode of SVU.
According to Variety, this Sunday's episode of The Good Fight, "Requiem for an Airdate," will feature a ripped-from-the-headlines plot revolving around a network suing a writer for crafting an episode of "one of those Chicago shows" featuring "thinly veiled version of Donald Trump caught in a sexual-assault scandal." After the fictional election, the network decide to delay the episode. Twice.
Robert King, the co-creator of The Good Fight, told Variety that the episode isn’t exactly inspired by the SVU episode's details and plot, but "the fact that they hadn’t put it on the air yet, and the subject matter is so provocative. And the fact that it was delayed not once, but twice."
Get this: Gary Cole, who plays the Trump-inspired character in the unaired SVU episode, is in the Good Fight episode. However, he's reprising his role as Kurt McVeigh from The Good Wife and isn't involved in the plot revolving around the Trump-inspired TV episode.
"We didn’t really feel that we were taking shots at NBC," Good Fight co-creator Michelle King told Variety. "It was very much a generic network, and the fear was that any network or entertainment conglomerate could end up being frightened by this administration."
If you've been waiting for that Trump episode of SVU, this may be as close as you'll ever get to seeing it.

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