The Get Out Challenge Is Hilarious & Apparently Really Difficult

It's no secret that Get Out is dominating at the box office. Jordan Peele's clever satirical horror flick is able to do what few movies can: be downright terrifying and still topical. If you haven't hit the theater to see the new film, stop reading right now and get on that — because spoilers are coming your way.
In the film, Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), a Black man visiting his white girlfriend Rose's (Allison Williams) family for the first time, goes outside to smoke and finds the family's handyman, Walter (Marcus Henderson). Or, rather, Walter finds him — because he runs straight for the camera — and Chris. Before he knocks Chris over (or smacks right into the camera) Walter abruptly turns. It's this moment that has inspired the "Get Out challenge," and it's way harder than it looks.
First: an explainer for all that "running" business. Towards the end of the film it's revealed that Walter is actually running marathon-style because he's not really "Walter" at all — he's secretly Rose's grandfather, a former athlete, who put his brain inside of Walter's body in order to extend his own life. (Why Walter's body? It's implied that it's because Rose's grandfather is still salty about coming in second place to Jesse Owens during the Olympic games.) Now, fans who are seemingly not marathon runners are trying to recreate the now-iconic horror moment. Let's just say actor Marcus Henderson makes it look much easier than it is.
Some of them are doing a pretty good job! While their turns aren't as sharp as Walter's was in the movie, it's not a bad interpretation:
Others, however... well, they could use some training:
Yep. Apparently there was a reason that Walter practiced running in a wide open yard, instead of a toy store filled with bikes.
You might want to avoid tile floors as well:
If you're going to attempt this challenge, remember to wear shoes with traction, avoid obstacles... and be totally okay with documenting a potential wipe-out on social media. Because let's be real: the best part about the Get Out challenge is watching people totally fail at taking Walter's sharp turn.

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