You'll Never Guess What Was In Every Bachelor Bathroom

Photo: Craig Sjodin/ABC.
Now that this season of The Bachelor is coming to an end, we want details and we want them now. Thankfully, Corinne Olympios is here with all the behind-the-scenes info and she does not disappoint. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the 25-year-old revealed all the secrets we didn't get to see during the season's 12-episode run, including a surprising detail about what the show keeps in the mansion's bathrooms.
The mansion, where all the girls slept five to a room, was admittedly not as "cozy and comfy" as Corinne had expected. However, when it came to this one issue, they were totally covered.
"There's laxatives in every bathroom," she told the outlet, explaining that constipation was actually a big problem on set.
"Pooping is very hard..." she admitted. "There was a week when we are all like, 'I haven't pooped in seven days!' ...We were all bloated."
This makes sense. You're in a crowded room with strangers going through an emotional rollercoaster with little sleep and a lot of anxiety — pretty much the perfect storm. When travel was added into the mix, the problems only got worse. That's why the laxatives were also brought along on every trip.
This wasn't the only poop-related issue Corinne suffered from during her time on the reality show. Back in episode four, the women went on a group farm date that involved shoveling poop — but Corinne was not down.
"Why was that a date?! I'm still confused by that," she told Entertainment Tonight. "It deeply upsets me. It disturbs my soul!"
Plus, the irony of scooping poop while all women were apparently having bowel issues of their own is just too much. It will make rewatching this series a whole new experience.
As for Corinne? She has her sights set on a clothing line and a possible return to reality TV, although she insists she still hasn't been asked to be on Bachelor In Paradise, and she isn't sure if she'd say yes. However, she's definitely open to the possibility of being a future Bachelorette.
For now, though, she's content to watch her friend Rachel take the spotlight — pro tip for any of the gents lining up to be on the show: get plenty of fiber.

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