Where We Left Off With The Catch & What’s Next For Season 2

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Poor The Catch. While everyone has been tossing more Emmy nominations at Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder than they can handle, the sexy Shondaland caper barely gets any love. Despite ABC’s “Oh, yeah, that’s on too” vibe with the Mireille Enos-led series, its Season 2 premiere has finally arrived.
After nearly a full year without The Catch you probably don’t remember every twisty, retro eye liner-ed thing that went down in 2016. Keep reading to find out where all of your favorite characters were when we left off and what’s next.
Alice Vaughn (Mireille Enos)
The private investigator spent most of season 1 in a baffling cat and mouse game with her con man fiancé Benjamin Jones. It finally looked like Alice and Ben were about to get their happily ever after in the finale episode, “The Wedding,” but the couple’s Togo dream disappeared in seconds.
An anonymous tip alerted the FBI to the Chekov painting hanging in Alice’s bedroom, which Ben stole for her in a criminally romantic grand gesture. The would-be new Mrs. Jones was arrested for a litany of art theft crimes and heading to federal prison… until Benjamin strode in to confess to each and every one of his lady’s suspected crimes.
Alice is now celebrating her reformed man's sacrifice with tons of sex.
Ben Jones (Peter Krause)
The expert con man went through a huge evolution through season 1 by attempting to steal everything from him mark-slash-fiancée, feeling bad about it, breaking good, and eventually helping Alice bring down his shady crime operation, the Kensington Firm.
Just when Ben was ready to escape to an extradition-free West African island with Alice, his ex-girlfriend Margot Bishop (Sonya Walger) notified the feds of that pesky stolen painting. Instead of fleeing to legal safety alone, the career criminal turned himself in.
The Season 2 trailer shows Ben is fighting naked men in jail until newcomer and federal agent Justin Dias (Gina Torres) offers him a literal get out of jail free card. Now Ben is helping criminals under the supervision of the FBI.
Yes, Alice is confused by this, too. But that doesn’t put a damper on their sex life.
Rhys (John Simm)
Ben’s scheming BFF was terrifying for most of The Catch’s freshman season, until he decided to prioritize his friendship over murder and the British mob.
Rhys ended season 1 by orchestrating Ben and Alice’s getaway plan, which was derailed by all the FBI agents and consequences.
While we would’ve expected the organized crime heir to get out of America the moment the 5-0 got involved, footage from season 2 proves he’s more involved than ever. Rhys is giving Ben criminal errands, electrocuting unsuspecting people, and making awful misogynistic comments about women — just like last time.
Valerie Anderson (Rose Rollins)
Val deserves better this spring, since she spent most of last season in the dark about her best friend Alice’s murky relationship with Ben after he tried to ruin their business.

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When the gorgeous former cop did get to join in on the shady fun, she ended up starting a sexual relationship with FBI agent Jules Dao (Jacky Ido). Although Val claimed their tryst was a one-time thing, their chemistry pointed in a different direction.
Val’s current relationship status is a question mark, though the season 2 trailer shows Agent Dao is back. We do know the recently-divorced woman is still giving her redheaded pal the reality checks she often needs, as Val reminds Alice Ben went to jail for her.

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