Sorry, But Sophie Should Wind Up With Kevin On This Is Us

When we first met Kevin Pearson (Justin Hartley) we were pretty sure he was the worst. He wore knit beanies in the Los Angeles heat, needed his sister to toss out rightfully disgruntled booty-calls, and didn’t appreciate the magic that is his brother Randall Pearson.
All of that awfulness changed in season 1’s “Three Sentences,” when the Hollywood hunk reconnected with the apparent love of his life, ex-wife Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge). Over the last few episodes Kevin has convinced both us viewers and the woman he cheated on that he’s actually worthy of our love.
But, all of that good will took a turn for the worst last night as the former Manny star was offered a part in Ron Howard’s Big New Movie. That may sound like good news, but the huge opportunity would force Kevin to relocate back to Los Angeles, which is 2,800 miles from Sophie and her beloved exposed brick apartment.
To make matters worse, Ron's star-making offer arrived after Kevin pledged to Sophie he’ll wait for the rest of his life to prove he’s not “messing things up again.”
Twitter is urging the actor not to give away his shot at true love in favor of stardom, but we’re here with a different piece of advice for Kev and Soph. The former Mrs. Kevin Pearson should think about moving to La La Land with her man this time.
No, she won’t have to turn in her feminist card to do so.
It’s a simple fact that people sometimes need to move for the good of their significant other’s careers. That choice isn’t a sign of weakness in an ambitious woman, but proof of just how strong her relationship is.
It’s clear Sophie is a boss in her job as a nurse and it’s completely possible the lava fry lover could find a fulfilling new position in L.A. — people need to go to the hospital there too.
It sounds like biggest thing the duo is going to need to compromise on is Sophie’s apartment, which we know is her prized possession. With Kevin’s newfound success as a Broadway Actor-With-a-Capital-A, it wouldn’t be crazy for the pair to continue to rent out the space for bicoastal living.
If the all-star nurse isn’t into the idea of a West Coast move, we don’t think Kevin should force her to uproot her entire life for his celebrity. And she definitely shouldn’t rent a U-Haul just to keep her guy from straying once more.
But, there’s no harm with Sophie staying open to changing zip codes for love — we would only respect her more for recognizing this is the real deal the second time around.

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