Lady Gaga's RuPaul's Drag Race Cameo Has Surfaced

Remember when Adele slapped on a fake nose and chin and tried to convince a group of Adele impersonators that she was just another admirer? She had everyone fooled right up until the moment she began to sing and showed off those pipes.
Judging from this clip of Lady Gaga's upcoming cameo on the March 24 episode of RuPaul's Drag Race, the pop star and newly minted Coachella headliner might be a little less convincing in her own role as a Lady Gaga drag impersonator named Ronnie from Newark, New Jersey. Though she's no stranger to drag, having adopted the persona of scruffy and stubbled Jo Calderone in the past, Gaga's only attempt to disguise her true identity is a backwards baseball cap and a slightly altered accent. Seriously, Clark Kent has taken more pains to stay incognito.
"What I'm really excited about is [seeing] how long it takes for these queens to figure out that it's really me," the singer says in a confessional video, ditching the cap and tossing out her blonde hair to show (shocker!) it was her all along. Did the wardrobe budget not even allow for a fake beard or something? Prosthetic nose? Wig? Anything?
To answer her question, it doesn't seem to have taken long at all. The expressions on the Drag Race contestants' faces suggest that they've quickly sniffed out the "Born This Way" singer as they watch "Ronnie" strike a pose in a sparkly bodysuit.
"Wait a minute," one contestant can be heard saying during her performance.
The cameo itself is generating a lot of excitement from fans, though.
"This is entirely too much," one Little Monster tweeted in response to the video.
"I FUCKING LIVE," wrote another fan.
Yes, we're all shook. But we're not fooled, babes. Roll on March 24.

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