Raven Had A TV Orgasm & All She Got Was A Lousy, Cheesy Montage

Photo: Drew Cason/ABC.
Reality television is really something special. It's given us the iconic cast of Jersey Shore, the crew of messy but fabulous Housewives, and now it's given us Raven Gates' first orgasm. And all she got in return was a lousy, half-assed, cheesy montage that viewers universally cringed at.
While this season of the The Bachelor has been a wild ride (from Corinne's naps to Danielle's shark outfit to Nick Viall's teary-eyed breakups), nothing will top the orgasm story line introduced (and then finished) during the final three girls' trip to Finland.
For those that aren't aware of Raven's O-moment and are interested (I mean, how could you not be?) here's what we know: Raven, Hoxie, Arkansas boutique owner, came on this season of The Bachelor to win over ABC threepeater (and soon to be four-peater) Nick and maybe rev up her sex life a little bit. The bubbly 25-year-old had one serious boyfriend prior to appearing on the show, and as she revealed the night of her evening in the Fantasy Suite with Nick (who she sees herself spending her whole life with), the relationship was far from orgasmic (which is way more common than you may think). Nick was surprised. Raven was anxious.
So, even though Raven had sexual experience, she was hoping to reach a certain climax with Nick during their private time together. And then... she did. Or at least, the producers really, really want us to believe so.
Upon watching Raven's completely over-the-top grand exit from the Fantasy Suite (wow — the more I type that name the cheesier it reads), one can't help but wonder if that's really how women leave a successful night of intimacy. Do we cheer? Kiss reindeer? Roll around in the snow? High-five strangers?
Umm... no. And I have no idea how they convinced Raven to do this embarrassing charade.
But at the end of the day, I guess the only thing left to say is... good work Nick.

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