This Video Disproves A Major Myth About Defunding Planned Parenthood

Photo by Megan Madden.
It's no secret that the Trump administration plans to defund Planned Parenthood. The idea terrifies us, because getting rid of PP clinics wouldn't just affect women's health, and it wouldn't just get rid of abortion access.
It would also make it incredibly hard for people to get the healthcare they need.
A new video from the Bridge Project — an organization "committed to holding Republicans accountable for their words and actions" — questions a Republican plan to shift that healthcare should Planned Parenthood clinics become extinct.
The idea is that community health centers could take over for PP clinics. But Hands Off Our Care, the new initiative from the Bridge Project, says that's just plain wrong. And they've built a report to prove it.
“Not only is the GOP endangering the lives of Americans with their promise to take funding from women’s health clinics, but their excuse is based on nothing but smoke and mirrors,” American Bridge President Jessica Mackler, said in a statement shared with Refinery29. “If Republicans had their way, women around the country would not only lose access to trusted clinics and doctors, but in some cases, they would lose access to the only care they have."
Community health centers don't have the space or the ability to provide the contraceptive care that PP clinics offer, according to American Bridge. And low-income families could also lose access to important health screenings.
"Public health officials who have witnessed Planned Parenthood’s absence in their communities have said that the loss of Planned Parenthood have hurt thousands of women," American Bridge says in the statement.
"It’s imperative that Republicans stop deluding the public into thinking that community health centers can just replace the incredibly important services that Planned Parenthood provides to women and their families — with no negative consequences," a Bridge representative told Refinery29. "Defunding PP would only rip away health care options for women."
Watch the video below:

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