M&M's Newest Flavor May Be Its Best Yet

If you missed out on last year's Strawberry M&M's, you've got another chance to get in on the action. Only this year, the candy brand is eschewing the chocolate-covered-strawberry inspo and throwing the fruity flavor in with its beloved peanut pal. The result? A candy-coated PB&J flavor that you're sure to flip for.
The new limited-edition flavor features a bright-red bag and our favorite yellow M&M character holding a ripe strawberry. According to Instagram account @CandyHunting, you can find this new edition at Walmart locations — other accounts confirm that it's also available at drugstores like Duane Reade and Rite Aid.
Lucky snackers report that the fruit filling is identical to last year's strawberry offering. The major difference? The addition of the peanut, which we all know makes for a superior M&M's experience. The new twist on the classic candy surrounds the peanut with a fruit-flavored layer, then chocolate, and then that sweet-and-crunchy candy shell you know and love.
The Strawberry Nut M&M's join this season's other limited-edition flavor, Vanilla Cupcake. Those white-chocolate-filled candies, which come in spring-ready pastel shells, are exclusive to Target stores nationwide. Strawberry Nut, on the other hand, is set to have a wider release, which means you'll get more chances to chow down on the special candies when you spot them at bodegas and big box stores alike.
And if that isn't enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, just head to the freezer aisle. In other M&M's news, the tiny treats have jumped over into the frozen-confections game with M&M's ice cream bars, which take the beloved candies and shove them inside vanilla ice cream sheathed in chocolate. While traditional M&M's — and the limited-edition Strawberry Nut varieties — melt in your mouth and not in your hand, these ice cream bars will definitely melt anywhere.

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